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Finding the right Freight Forwarding Company is essential to the smooth functioning of an Exporting Company.  We pride ourselves in having an experienced staff, ever willing and ready to assist with all aspects of International Trade, with special emphasis on our


  • ·         Focus/sensitivity to customer needs


  • ·         Technical expertise


  • ·         Knowledge of supply chain hand-offs in the movement of cargo


  • ·         Collective work experience of over 20 years


  • ·         Competitive Pricing


AES filing – We provide AES filing services to several carriers and exporters. We were pioneers in offering this service to Carriers and Exporters when electronic SED filings were made mandatory by US Customs. Contracting our services to file the AES’s for them helps them stay focused on their core business of manufacturing and moving cargo from the US.  Outsourcing this essential but time consuming aspect of International Trade helps the carriers and exporters maintain continuity through their own staff turn over and our expertise, it is also financially viable to use our infrastructure and software already in place. As AES filing partners with several carriers and exporters, we stay current with the rules and regulations in the ever-changing post 9/11 world.  Our content expertise, accuracy, quick turn around time, record keeping on compliance is another source of great pride for us at Vanik International, Inc.

Cuba Exports – Cuba is an emerging market holding great potential for growth for US Corporations. We are familiar with the limitations, requirements, documentation and procedures for exporting to Cuba.  Exports to Cuba are still regulated and require an OFAC license, a contract and a Letter of Credit to ensure payment for your goods.  Our alliance with Global Strategies Trading, LLC, protects your interest and can help US Corporations take giant strides towards exploring this market that is currently untapped, unsaturated, and underutilized. They specialize in the Cuban market that has a great potential benefit for US companies. Global Strategies Trading, LLC can assist in negotiating and obtaining signed contracts between the Cuban Importers and US Exporters; and Vanik International, Inc. can handle all the US Export regulations, logistics and documentation requirements to ensure Export compliance. Their legal expertise along with our content specific knowledge is a great asset to the US Exporter.

Export Documentation – Our experience in export documentation ensures that documents are prepared in conformance with shipper’s instructions and if applicable per L/C clauses, terms and conditions, we review the L/C to ensure that requirements can in fact be satisfied, pointing out any potential gray areas and recommended course of action. We advise exporters on import documentation needed to clear shipments once cargo arrives overseas, in doing so we not only look out for our customer’s needs, but we go beyond that and assist with post sale customer service for their customers as well.

Perishable Product Exports – We are well versed with the sensitive nature of exporting perishable products from the US to the Far East, Central and South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We work with several carriers, both ocean and domestic, to arrange moving your time and temperature sensitive frozen product to the ports, for transloading and subsequent loading on board an Ocean Carrier.  We currently export perishable products from the West Coast- Los Angeles/Long Beach, Oakland, Seattle and Tacoma ports, we also export product from the Charleston and Baltimore in the East Coast. For our Central and South American exports, shipments move from Houston and from the Florida Ports. We are aware of the USDA certificate requirement for overseas and for the US as well. 

Import Clearance – We also offer Import Clearance utilizing the services of Supply Chain Shipping (Custom House Brokers).  With SCS we are able to offer a seamless service for import clearance, such as but not limited to:-

-       Tax rates and duties

-       Import restrictions

-       Exchange rates

-       Domestic & International shipping/Transportation Regulations

-       Binding Rulings

-       Tariff Classifications

-       RLF – Remote Location (custom entry) Filing

-       ABI – Automated broker interface to electronically clear shipments

-       Drawback-import duty drawback entry process

-       Customs Bond-Single entry and continuous bond application